Lunch stuff

Loaf of bread
Cheese sandwhich with lettuce and tomato. Potato chips on the side.

I was making multiple pieces of "toast" a few weeks ago for a breakfast order when I got the idea to make a loaf of bread. I stacked all the "toast" peices together to make the loaf. Then, when I was taking pictures of it, I took some of the stuff from my hamburger and made a cheese sandwhich with it just to show what you could do with the bread. I decided to list both the bread loaf and the cheese sandwhich for sale. They were a huge success! Both have been selling since the day I started listing them. The bread loaf sold within 2 hours of being listed. Wow. I didn't expect that.

Then last week, I decided to experiment with some really thick wood I have and see if I could make some potato chips. I just cut some rings out of the thick wood, cut them in half then rounded the edges. It was that easy! And I love the way the way they turned out.

So... here's all my latest "lunch stuff". So cute and so fun to play with!