Baby Name Train!!

This is another idea inspired by a baby shower. And now that I've been to the baby shower and given the gift, I can post about it! This was for a friend who was having a boy after having 2 girls, so they're excited to finally have a boy.

 Her nursery colors were blue and brown, and I love, love, love the way this turned out!

   However, it took soooo long to make that I told her it was a one of kind, because I most likely won't be selling these. It was very painstaking with the measuring of the placement of the wheels and the hooks, and all the time it took to hand paint, hand sand, hand polish. Etc.  If I find a way to make these faster, then I'll consider it. This train took me about 5 hours to make from start to finish. Yikes. That puts my pricing of them at $10-15 per letter/car, and with the economy going the way it is, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be big sellers.